With many thanks!
At the end of September I was offered a Noriker foal by a wonderful woman who had already adopted two Haflinger foals. She sponsored the fees but I could choose which foal I would like to have. Eisenherz caught my eye immediately. After submitting my application the process went very quickly and the most trusting, confident and loving foal stepped off of the trailer in the wee hours of the morning on October 17th. I was, and still am totally smitten with this little man. We call him Valiant now and he has lived up to his name. He became ill in November and it has been a long, hard road for both of us but he is the most patient and accepting foal I have ever met. Just last week I updated SWG and his sponsor to update them on his situation, which honestly wasn't looking so good. He still has a long road to recovery but thanks to the kindness of SWG and his sponsor I  have all of the faith in the world that he will pull through this and be just fine and get to grow up to be an amazing horse. I cannot thank everyone at SWG enough for allowing me to welcome Eisenherz/Valiant into our family. We are looking forward to the future with him.